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RE: Multi Master Enviornment for Openldap 2.3

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> On 2/1/07, Matthew Backes <mbackes@symas.com> wrote:
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> > Mirrormode, which is available in CVS or Symas's CDS build of
> > OpenLDAP lets you do something resembling what you seek.
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> Is this feature stable enough for production use?

The Mirrormode implementation in CDS has been in production use at several
of our customer sites since we introduced it in February of last year. There
have been no reported problems since April.

> Which patch(es) should I apply to the current OL 2.3.x if I want to use
> it?

I don't have the patch set at my fingertips, and I doubt anyone else does
either. You can always identify the patch set from the OpenLDAP CVS tree.

I think your best bet would be to use one of our free distributions (CDS
Silver 3.3.1 or later). Those releases contain the MirrorMode code with
subsequent fixes and you could get a look at the feature with a minimum
investment of time.

Alternatively, you could pull OpenLDAP HEAD from CVS and build that. Of
course, a build of HEAD may have other problems, but at least you might be
able to get a good look at MirrorMode.

Matthew Hardin
Symas Corporation
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> Thanks,
> Sam