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Re: syncrepl only works as rootdn

Christopher Cowart wrote:

Thanks for this suggestion. I've added this (from a forum post):
| limits dn.regex="cn=syncrepl-ldap1,dc=example,dc=com" | time.soft=unlimited time.hard=unlimited size.soft=unlimited | size.hard=unlimited

After restarting the provider, the consumer is still not replicating the
missing portions of the directory. Do you have any other suggestions?

Aside from carefully reading the syncrepl documentation in the Admin Guide:

And on the consumer (ldap1):
| # Sync Replication
| syncrepl rid=001
|         provider=ldaps://ldap-master.example.com/
|         type=refreshAndPersist
|         interval=00:01:00:00
|         searchbase="dc=example,dc=com"
|         scope=sub
|         schemachecking=off
|         bindmethod=simple
|         binddn="cn=syncrepl-ldap1,dc=example,dc=com"
|         credentials=supersecret

You probably need a retry specification here. Otherwise the consumer will quit once it encounters an error.
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