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Re: syncrepl only works as rootdn

Redirected from -bugs; there is no evidence of a bug here.

Christopher Cowart wrote:

I have 3 installations of openldap-server-2.3.33 running on FreeBSD
6.1-REL: ldap-master, ldap1, ldap2. I am using syncrepl to replicate ldap-master to ldap1 and ldap2. The replicated directory is missing entire ou branches in my tree.

I have created the following objects in my directory:

I've made the following configurations on the provider:
| access to *
| by dn.regex="cn=syncrepl-(ldap1|ldap2),dc=example,dc=com" read
| by * break
| | # More ACLs Follow
| | # For Sync Replication
| overlay syncprov
| syncprov-checkpoint 100 10
| syncprov-sessionlog 100

More information is needed. There's no indication that ACLs are any problem here. Of course, you've listed your rootdn in your ACLs, which is useless.

One possible explanation is that you didn't raise the sizelimits for the syncrepl users, so they weren't able to get a full refresh.

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