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Re: pcache + LDAP_NO_ATTRS

Mike Malsman wrote:
> I am using OpenLDAP 2.3.33.  I run a slapd service using the pcache
> overlay, which in turn queries another instance of slapd by means of
> 'database ldap'.  It seems to work nicely for my simple use.  I can
> verify that query results are cached if the requested attribute matches
> that of the "proxyattrset" directive.
> However, I have a software which specifies LDAP_NO_ATTRS to the
> attributes parameter of ldap_search_st(), as the software is interested
> only in the presence of results, not their content.  Is it possible to
> instruct the pcache overlay, via "proxyattrset" or any combination of
> other directives, to cache the results of such queries?
> I have unsuccessfully attempted to define "proxyattrset 0", simply
> omitting the attribute set.  slapd starts fine, but does not seem to
> cache my queries.  It is unclear to me how slapd interprets this
> configuration.
> I've failed to find any relevant information in the list archives or
> google.  Am I asking the wrong question?  Is this simply an unnatural
> use of the pcache overlay?

I don't think what you're asking for can be done with pcache.  In
principle, any subset of a set of attrs should use cached values for
that attribute set, so, in your case, any set of attributes would be a
superset of "1.1".  The point could be that slapo-pcache(5) doesn't
recognize 1.1 as a special attribute that corresponds to an empty set.
Unless I'm wrong, I suggest you file an ITS for a software enhancement.