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pcache + LDAP_NO_ATTRS

I am using OpenLDAP 2.3.33. I run a slapd service using the pcache overlay, which in turn queries another instance of slapd by means of 'database ldap'. It seems to work nicely for my simple use. I can verify that query results are cached if the requested attribute matches that of the "proxyattrset" directive.

However, I have a software which specifies LDAP_NO_ATTRS to the attributes parameter of ldap_search_st(), as the software is interested only in the presence of results, not their content. Is it possible to instruct the pcache overlay, via "proxyattrset" or any combination of other directives, to cache the results of such queries?

I have unsuccessfully attempted to define "proxyattrset 0", simply omitting the attribute set. slapd starts fine, but does not seem to cache my queries. It is unclear to me how slapd interprets this configuration.

I've failed to find any relevant information in the list archives or google. Am I asking the wrong question? Is this simply an unnatural use of the pcache overlay?