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overlay syncprov not found (which slapd version do I need?)

Hi, using Debian Sarge (slapd 2.2.23-8) and Ubuntu Edgy (slapd 2.2.26-5).

I'm trying to use "Syncrepl" for replication, but I get:
   syncprov not found  (error)
(using Debian or Ubuntu as master).

There are no a "syncrep" called module in /usr/lib/ldap/modules so I thing 
that I need a newer sladp version including Syncrepl, is it?

I read in the Roadmap:

  OpenLDAP 2.3 (released June 2005) 
    Sync Provider Overlay

but as client, if I configure my Debian Sarge (or Ubuntu) slapd as consumer:
   syncrepl rid=123
 I get no error starting it. I get:
   do_syncrep1: ldap_bind_s failed (-1)

so I assume that this 2.2.X slapd version includes "syncrep" as consumer but 
nos as a master, is it?

Thanks for any explanation. Regards.

IÃaki Baz Castillo