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Re: How to chase referrals

> Look at the actual definition of ldap_set_rebind_proc() in <ldap.h>. It takes 
> a pointer to a function of type LDAP_REBIND_PROC. Your get_rebind() function 
> doesn't match that type. Actually the compiler should complain about a type 
> mismatch error in your call to ldap_set_rebind_proc, surprising that it 
> didn't. Are you using the right set of header files that matches your 
> library? It looks like you're using the old LDAPv2 style rebind call, not 
> the 
> current LDAPv3 API.

Yeh, somehow i missed to see that versions. Thanks for pointing out. However i got the following from my ldap.h

/* V3 REBIND Function Callback Prototype */
typedef int (LDAP_REBIND_PROC) LDAP_P((
        LDAP *ld, LDAP_CONST char *url,
        ber_tag_t request, ber_int_t msgid,
        void *params ));

ld - handle
url - ldap:// or ldaps://...

what about the remaining arguments? How it is used? now where will i give my authentication details? 

I guess this url will have referral value returned from the ldap server. So i dont need set it anything on this.

If somebody had done already please give me some idea.