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Re: Replication errors with slurpd and ppolicy

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Gavin Henry wrote:

yes, but according to [1] and other sources the current implementation of
refreshAndPersist is not a pure push solution. It's still the slave that
initiates the connection. To me it looked as I'd have to wait for 2.4.

Correct me if I'm wrong as I might misinterpret the docs, however. Have
you tested this and confirmed it works?

No, you are right. I misunderstood your requirement for a push based solution.

I need to check, but what 2.4 does is provide a facility for push-like sync-replication; however, the latest 2.3 should allow to proxy syncrepl by means of a regular proxy. Namely, what test045 does should be possible with 2.3 as well, at the cost of an extra instance of slapd for proxying, while what test048 does requires something specific to 2.4.

Again: this needs to be checked, since 2.3 might still miss some details.

It should work fine in 2.3, with the constraints you listed.

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