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Re: TR : Collective Attributes support

Mignon, Laurent wrote:

I'm very interested by the collective attribute support in openldap. When I'm looking in your source code, It appears that this feature is still under development. But when I check the CVS log on files related to this feature, I don't find recent changes. Can you say me if this feature is usable or still too experimental. Do you have planned a release with this feature available? In short, what's the status of the RFC 3671 support in openldap?

AFAIK no one is working at that; all that's available is slapo-collect, an overlay that implements collective attributes in form of a simple hack. It's distributed since OpenLDAP 2.3, but apparently there's no means to enable it from configure, you need to manually build it and load it using "moduleload" (see slapd.conf(5) for details).


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