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Re: Disable SASL?

Forrest Aldrich wrote:

The RPM that comes with Fedora appears to enable SASL.

I don't want it.  So, I defined this in ldap.conf:

SASL_SECPROPS   maxssf=0

.. per documentation I found on the net.   This doesn't appear to work.

How can I disable this, or must I go in and hacky/rebuild the RPM myself.

Not quite sure what you mean by you're not wanting SASL (you don't have to use it, and including it does no harm), but (though Buchan is the best person to give advice here) I used Buchan Milnes' 2.3.24 srpm spec to build 2.3.32, which builds fine on RHAS4.

In the spec file there's an option to build with or without Cyrus SASL support - can't see any reason why the rpm shouldn't build on FC3/4 at least, and probably more recent versions. Though as I said, you don't have to use SASL.


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet.nl