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Re: Undefined symbols during make depend on AIX 5.3

Justin Johnson wrote:

I am trying to build a static version of openldap 2.3.31 on AIX 5.3
using the IBM compiler.

I configure it as follows.  After the configure output is the output
from running "make depend", which fails with unresolved symbols.  A
"make" with no target specified completes successfully with no errors,
and the resulting executables (ldapadd, ldapsearch, etc) seem to work
correctly.  Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong or if the
errors can be ignored?  Note that I have openssl built and installed
to /svn/static/(lib,include,ssl, etc).

The AIX C compiler doesn't recognize the normal options for generating dependencies. You have to use the build/mkdep.aix script instead.


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