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Re: Multiple instances of object class in a record

Girish Pal wrote:
I want to use multiple instances of same object class in a single record. This was supported in previous version of ldap we were using but in current version 2.3.21 it seems that this is not supported. Is there any workaround for the problem
dn: emp-id=918011111,oc=employee,vid=3,sid=1,dc=ssdb
objectClass: employee
objectClass: authorization-data
objectClass: PIC
objectClass: PIC
We have lots of legacy data and applications which has to be ported to the newer version.
This is invalid. I wouldn't call this a "feature" that earlier versions (how earlier? 1.X?) supported, rather a plain bug. The only workaround seems to consist in fixing the data. If you're planning to move to 2.3, I suggest you use the latest, i.e. 2.3.31 (2.3.32 will be out by the end of the week or so), and not 2.3.21.


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