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Re: A "which version" question

Lesley Walker wrote:
Hi all,
First of all, I'll mention that I've read the information on the download
page about "stable" vs "release" and I understand the difference. I've also
read the FAQ-o-matic entries on the topic.

I'm working towards upgrading our OpenLDAP software (currently 2.3.24).
Since we are utterly dependant on OpenLDAP for many things, policy is to go
with "stable".

However, I noticed a few days ago that somebody said in another thread:
Look into syncrepl (make sure to upgrade to 2.3.30 first)

Are there problems with syncrepl in 2.3.27? Our plan is to move from slurpd to syncrepl with this upgrade. Perhaps the comment was simply made in the spirit of generally keeping up to date, but if there is a potential issue we'd like to know about it.

Read the Change log

Look for "syncrepl"...

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