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Re: ldapsearch performance debugging

Chris Hane wrote:
When I execute the following command:

ldapsearch -v -x -b "dc=abmas,dc=biz" -d 5 -h

there is a significant lag between hitting return and when I see the debug output - 6-8 seconds.

I'm pretty sure this is a configuration problem or network problem on my end as this same command in a different environment executes immediately.

To help me isolate where the problem is, is there another method to debug what ldapsearch is doing before I see the first lines listed in the debug output with -d 5? Or is there another utility I could use than ldapsearch?

Try using strace and see what system calls get executed and where the delay is. Alternatively you could try running ldapsearch under gdb and interrupting it to get a stack trace from where the delay occurs.

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