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Problems with openldap 2.1.30 and 2.2.13

I have servers with openldap 2.1.30 working very well.
It was compiled on Slackware 9.1 / 10.0 (kernel 2.4.22 / kernel 2.4.26) with:
./configure --disable-bdb --enable-ldbm --enable-crypt
Now, I want to compile the same version (2.1.30) and use it on RHEL4 ES x86_64
It compiles ok with same "./configure" parameters. Then, I do: make depend, make, make test, make install, and everything es ok.
I copy slapd.conf and ldap.conf, and schemas. Then, I copy the base "openldap-data" from original server (with tar.gz)
I change necesary informacion in slapd.conf and ldap.conf (IP)
The service slapd starts ok, I can connect the service, but I can´t read any information from the DB.
Files and Directory permissions are ok.
The error: dn2entry_r: no entry for valid id
What is the problem ?
If I use openldap 2.2.13-x86_64 RPM which comes with this distribution, the same slapd.conf and schemas,
then I have "duplicated attributes" when I try to start the service ?!?!
I hope you can help me.
Thanks in advance.
Leandro (Argentina)