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Re: ldap db base dn change

"Bryan Irvine" <sparctacus@gmail.com> writes:

> Our company was recently broken apart and certain segments were sold.
> Now I have to go through pull out all the parts that aren't staying
> with my particular organization (happens to be the one where the LDAP
> DB stays).
> The problem is that my base dn, is based on the old company that is going away.
> Is there a way I can make a new base dn, and then on the designated
> day, just switch to the new base?
> In my ldap.conf it seems like I can only specify 1 base.

there are a few options.
1. slapcat(8) a database dump to an ldif file, do a sed on this file
   to get rid of not required entries, slapdadd(8) this ldif file to a
   different database, you may have multiple backend and database
   definitions in slapd.conf
2. define a ldap database in slapd.conf and use this as proxy to your
   real database, you may define a rwm-suffixmassage statement in
   slapd.conf, to rewrite you suffix
3. create a new slapd.conf and a new database, run a second instance
   of slapd(8) listening on a different port and point your clients to
   this port.


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