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openldap proxy: schema issue

Hi everybody,

I'am configuring slapd(8) 2.3.27 for use as a proxy to another LDAP server.

Unfortunately this (non-OpenLDAP) LDAP directory uses non standard attributes stored in a .ldif file.

i have to use one of this non standard attributes in the slapd.conf file for binddn:

database ldap

uri ldap://

suffix ou=personnes,o=sg

binddn "sbzoneid=appli_test,ou=exploit,ou=personnes,o=sb"

bindpw secret

maybe i have to convert this file in the openldap .schema format and include it in slapd.conf.

I changed attributeTypes: and objectClasses: in attributeType and objectClasse.
A big issue seems to be that this ldif file doesn't use numericOIDs but string OID like:

attributetype ( sbzoneid-oid NAME 'sbzoneid' SYNTAX

1.1.15 SINGLE-VALUE X-ORIGIN 'user defined' )


objectClasses: ( sbapplication-oid NAME 'sbapplication' SUP top STRUCTURAL MAY

( sbappatt $ sbappid $ sbapplogindn $ sbappurl $ sbcustom ) X-ORIGIN 'user

defined' )

so when runing "sladp -d 1" i get the error: OID could not be expanded: "sbzoneid-oid"


or maybe with a more liberal parsing could be helpful ?


Do you have any idea to solve this problem ?

Thank you for your help