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Re: OpenLDAP + 300 CPUs

Jean-Francois Bouchard wrote:

Thanks for the response.

Sorry  :


Its Novell Suse 10.

If I understand, I can use those ulimit on 2.3 version ?

Also I ear that setting OPENLDAP_FD_SETSIZE can have impact on performance.

I've tested select() with around 4096 active sessions, no noticable impact. Dunno how it responds at 32768. We've talked about dividing things up to allow multiple listener threads in those situations, but haven't implemented it. Unfortunately epoll's user interface isn't very efficient, regardless of the improvements it has under the kernel layer.

Still, the available test results I've seen about server performance with thousands of connections doesn't seem applicable to an LDAP server. I.e., web server traffic patterns don't really reflect the kind of patterns we see with slapd.

As a separate consideration, my little AMD X2 3800+ here can only process about 40,000 entries/second, so I'd imagine that response time would get pretty long with 10,000 or more active connections.
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