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OpenLDAP + 300 CPUs


I have an interesting issue here.

We are operating a grid ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grid_computing )
composed of a bit more than 300 CPUs.

We have a standalone machine that take care of our LDAP server. Right
now this machine run the LDAP server with a idletimeout set.

When a use submit a bunch of job (Lets say 10 000 jobs) each job
generate a query to the LDAP machine. What happen ? The only process
stop accepting connection due to the FD size limit (1024 connections).
Even with a idletimeout connection set at 2 second...

What choice we have to let our LDAP machine do more ...

We like to know if openLDAP can do like apache (fork a process for each
connection, or a process for a small bunch of connection.)


Jean-Francois Bouchard