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Re: How do I skip the pass phrase prompt on OpenLDAP startup

--On Monday, November 27, 2006 2:53 PM -0800 Rob Tanner <rtanner@linfield.edu> wrote:


Right now I'm just testing SSL with a self-signed certificate, but one
potentially serious issue has come up.  When ever I restart OpenLDAP I
get the prompt "Enter PEM pass phrase".  This means that the OpenLDAP
server can auto-start on reboot.  Is there anyway to bypass that?  In
apache, for example, SSLPassPhraseDialog has an option to execute a
program, and I use that option to supply the pass phrase.  Is there any
kind of equivalent in OpenLDAP.

You should decrypt the SSL key so it doesn't require a password to read it. But this is really a question about how to use OpenSSL, and not related to OpenLDAP itself, so fairly off topic here.


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