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Re: Questions about lastmod overlay

--On Thursday, November 16, 2006 2:55 PM -0800 Rob Tanner <rtanner@linfield.edu> wrote:

I did some googling for the "modifyTimestamp" and found a few
references, but nothing that tells me how I can access the attribute's
value and make use of it.  I also googled for the phrase "operational
attribute" and I didn't find anything helpful.  Could someone please
point me to some examples, FAQs, or other documentation?

Every entry in the LDAP server contains a set of operational attributes. You can request them individually, or all at once using the "+" attribute flag to ldapsearch.

ldapsearch -LLL -Q -h ldap uid=quanah + dn: uid=quanah,cn=accounts,dc=stanford,dc=edu structuralObjectClass: suAccount creatorsName: cn=manager,dc=stanford,dc=edu createTimestamp: 20030529234623Z entryUUID: 1d9a7fc4-019e-1028-8bad-89d9a09c6a42 entryCSN: 20050929125344Z#000020#00#000000 modifiersName: uid=quanah,cn=accounts,dc=stanford,dc=edu modifyTimestamp: 20050929125344Z entryDN: uid=quanah,cn=accounts,dc=stanford,dc=edu subschemaSubentry: cn=Subschema hasSubordinates: FALSE

ldapsearch -LLL -Q -h ldap uid=quanah modifyTimestamp dn: uid=quanah,cn=accounts,dc=stanford,dc=edu modifyTimestamp: 20050929125344Z



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