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Re: Questions about lastmod overlay

Rob Tanner wrote:

I want to get last modified timestamps, etc, on individual entries in
OpenLDAP just as I get them in my about to be retired Netscape server. But I noticed that that lastmod overlay is not built by default when you
compile from source (one needs to include the "--enable-lastmod" when
running configure). And so, of course, my current binary doesn't
support that function. Is there a downside to using the lastmod
overlay? Can I just recompile and reinstall and not have to actually
rebuild the database, or do I have to dump the database and reload it again?

I don't think the lastmod overlay does what you think it does. That overlay records the last modification made to any entry in the database, onto an attribute on the root entry of the database. Also, there's an outstanding ITS against this overlay, so it is apparently broken at the moment.

OpenLDAP already records the last modified timestamp on individual entries; it's in the "modifyTimestamp" operational attribute.

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