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Re: ports/105585: OpenLDAP should not be linked with BDB 4.3

Hi, Howard,

Howard Chu wrote:
> Dave Horsfall wrote:
>> Can someone please provide a succint response that I can relay in
>> turn?  They refuse to listen to reason.
> Two things: slapd is known to crash in various ways when using BDB 4.3
> under heavy load. Also, there was no database format change between BDB
> 4.3 and 4.4. There was a logfile format change though, so you'll want to
> have a full checkpoint and remove all the obsolete log files.

That's quite informative and thanks for the information.  Because FAQ
says that 4.2 is recommended BDB release, should it be used by default?
 Or is it just fine to use 4.4?

Thanks in advance!

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