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Re: Problem with replica.

Paul Shevtsov wrote:
"master.site:38" is not a valid referral URI.
Sorry ... i write wrong message, yes certainly this was
I remake replica from slurp to synrepl, it work fine from master to slave but i again have problem write changes from
slave to master
You got me wrong: the problem is not the port, it's the URI; "master.site:<anyport>" is not a valid URI

updateref ldap://ldap.dgb.local:389
This is a valid URI.
		I try from differnt client

		ldapadd return message from slave -
		"ldap_add: Referral (10)
		LDAP Admin from windows return message from master

"text=modifications require authentication".
Apparently, your client tries to chase referrals anonymously, and this fails as expected. I don't see any software malfunction here (on the OpenLDAP side, at least); there might be a missing or misimplemented feature in the client, though.

P.S. I got crash master slapd when i try syncreplica with
refreshOnly - work fine.
That's a completely different business. I gather from your initial message that your master is 2.3.11. As the current release is 2.3.30, and the CHANGES reports a huge number of fixes and improvements to sync replication, I suggest you upgrade before proceeding any further with syncrepl.