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Re: Problem with replica. (SLURP).

Paul Shevtsov wrote:
			I have 3 ldap server's.

		One master and two slave.

		From master to one slave replica passes successeful,
		but to another slave replica  not pass.

		Config slapd on both slave the same, but version openldap
		different. (2.3.19 and 2.3.27).
		Version master openldap - 2.3.11.

Problem with version?

P.S. During replica i have next error message:
"ERROR: Constraint violation: entryCNS: no user modification allowed"
Assuming you're using slurpd, I guess the second replica is missing the updatedn directive.  See slapd.conf(5) for details, and the Admin Guide for a general discussion of replication.


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