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Re: TCP pakages flow - LDAP or LDAPS replica slurpd

I'm not aware of anybody who's bothered to draw up such a thing. slurpd doesn't perform anything too magical; it speaks LDAPv3 on the wire. Whatever information you're looking for should be derivable from the RFCs (I believe they ship in the docs directory of OpenLDAP) and/or from packet traces. Off the top of my head, the high-level view of what you're going to see (assuming everything goes nicely) is a TCP connection, the bind, the bind response, one or more ADD/DEL/MODs with their associated responses, an unbind, and a TCP close. Obviously the packets will correspond closely to what you see in the slapd logs (i.e. -d stats).

On Thu, 9 Nov 2006, Antonio Camacho wrote:

No friend, I understand the replica flow with slurpd (master -> slave), but
my question is about TCP packages,rather sequence diagram.

For example, in the SMTP protocol there is a document where specify the
sequence diagram and structure package. This is what I would like to know
about LDAP replica with slurpd.

The link is this:


I hope you can help me

Thanks for your responses!

2006/11/9, Aaron Richton <richton@nbcs.rutgers.edu>:

If your question is as to which host initiates the TCP connection, with slurpd, the answer is from the host running slurpd (to the slave running slapd).

Note that this is the opposite for syncrepl: syncrepl operates from the
slave running slapd to the master running slapd.

On Thu, 9 Nov 2006, Antonio Camacho wrote:

> Hi list
> Anyone knows which is the TCP pakages flow in a LDAP or LDAPS replica
> slurpd ? or where I could find some information about it ?
> Thanks!
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> @ntonio

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