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Re: Speed of slapadd for BDB on a Linux machine [auf Viren überprüft]

Hans Moser wrote:
Howard Chu schrieb:

Is tool-threads documented somewhere?
Quanah already responded. But I have to ask - why in the world do you even need to ask a question like this? Just look in the man page first, then it will be obvious that it is (or isn't) documented.

Is it really faster and more efficient for you to email hundreds or thousands of people with a question, than to look at the man pages already distributed with the software?
You are right.

But on the other hand: Why does not someone get the most recent information on the project web site itself?

When he checked the web man page on openldap.org http://www.openldap.org/software/man.cgi , he got old information.
You cannot blame someone for checking "your" official source of information, can you?

The web site only provides one or two snapshots of the manpages. There are 30 releases of 2.2 and getting to 30 releases of 2.3. It is unreasonable to expect that the documentation on the web site matches the specific version of the software you're running. Common sense says that the only version of the documentation that is reliable enough to use is the version that was included with the particular release you're using.

At least you should add an disclaimer on the side to tell people: "Recent information is only available with the source tarball."

It's not a question of "recent" vs "not recent" - it's a question of "exactly matching" or not. Reading docs for a different version of software than you're currently running will only cause confusion, as has been demonstrated numerous times on this list.

A set of software and manpages are collected together for a reason. If you're going to ignore the docs that are provided in the particular distro you download, that's your own concern.

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