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Re: Speed of slapadd for BDB on a Linux machine

On 11/7/06, Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@stanford.edu> wrote:

--On Tuesday, November 07, 2006 5:04 PM +0100 Ralf Narozny
<rnarozny@web.de> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to migrate about 19 million entries from OpenLDAP 2.0 to the
> new 2.3. Conversion and such things are done, but inserting the data
> takes days.
> I hope someone can point me to some helpful direction, because 22
> Entries/sec is not too good, especially not for real life use...
> I'm using the following to insert the data
> slapadd -q -v -c
> My DB_CONFIG looks like this:
> set_cachesize 1 524288000 1
> set_lg_regionmax 262144
> set_lg_bsize 2097152

It looks like from your stats that slapd has consumed all of the memory
given to it, and now has to swap.  You need to adjust your DB_CONFIG file
so that there is more memory available to BDB, assuming of course you have
enough RAM for that.

Since you have dual CPU's, you could set "tool-threads 2" in slapd.conf, as

Basically, if you want your slapadd to run quickly, you need to have enough
RAM on the system, and the DB_CONFIG file configured, so that the DB can
fit into RAM while being loaded.  That's why my systems have 8GB and may
expand to 16GB before too long as we continue to expand the data in the

Is tool-threads documented somewhere?