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Error from replica getting changes from master server

Hello all!

Here at Ya.com we have a structure of directory service based on OpenLDAP 2.0.27. There's ldapm01, the master server, and three replicas. We want to add a new replica (smtpmaq) running OpenLDAP 2.3.27 with bdb backend, populated thru slapcat / slapadd. Our purpose is to migrate all servers to the new version.

All this worked fine, but now we get the following error in the new replica:

Nov 8 13:09:16 smtpmaq slapd[23815]: conn=0 op=3093 ADD dn="mailID=ya9999999@ya.com,ou=ya.com,o=XXXXXX"
Nov 8 13:09:16 smtpmaq slapd[23815]: conn=0 op=3093 RESULT tag=105 err=20 text=attribute 'objectClass' provided more than once

When we add a new entry, we do the following at the master server:

dn: mailID=ya9999999@ya.com,ou=ya.com,o=XXXXXX
changetype: add
mailID: ya9999999@ya.com
mailHost: ya.com
userPassword:: XXXXXXXXXXXX=
mailMessageStorePath: /some/disk/path
mailStatus: 1
mailServices: 0000000000001000
objectClass: mailClass
objectClass: top

Some notes:

-The server, running the old version, works fine with this. The old replicas also work fine with this.
-The new replica refuse this kind of changes, but accept any other kind of operations.
-If I try something like:

objectClass: mailClass

without "objectClass: top", the master server and all the replicas accept the change.

What do you think about instantiating only mailClass in the new entries ? Are we doing something wrong ?



		Manuel Molina Cuberos
		ya.com Internet Factory
		91 141 7931