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DN syntax question


I'm not sure this is the correct list, but here it goes.
I'm creating a ldap tree with the usual layout:


Where companyName is a customer. Adding entries with this DN
works and I can query the tree, etc. etc.

Now some customers can also have clients which should also be
represented in this tree. This would lead to the following DN
to be created:


So: 'o=client,ou=Organizations' is placed below 'o=companyName'. Now
when I try to add this to openldap I get this in the logs:

slapd[3418]: connection_get(10) 
slapd[3418]: do_add: dn (o=client,ou=Organizations,o=companyName,ou=relations,dc=xxx,dc=yy,dc=zz) 
slapd[3418]: ==> bdb_add: o=client,ou=Organizations,o=companyName,ou=relations,dc=xxx,dc=yy,dc=zz 
slapd[3418]: send_ldap_result: err=64 matched="" text="value of naming attribute 'o' is not present in entry" 

where the ldif added is:
    [0] => dn: o=client,ou=Organizations,o=companyName,ou=relations,dc=xxx,dc=yy,dc=zz
    [1] => objectClass: top
    [2] => objectClass: Organization
    [3] => deleted: FALSE
    [4] => o: client:companyName
    [5] => cn: test test test

What I'm I doing wrong? Can't you have two 'o=' attributes in a DN? And why does it
complain about a missing attribute 'o', when in fact is looks to be there?


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