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Re: Maximum number objects

julio.carrillo@ife.org.mx wrote:


I have master with 30,000 objects in DB berkeley 4.2 and OpenLDAP 2.3.21, but
some time, i can´t modify objects database hangup.

I think should berkeley but the logs not report errors.

i don't have DB_CONFIG.

We i need do, for debug database and after tunning.


You need to set up the DB_CONFIG file. http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/1166.html

In theory, on a 32 bit machine, back-bdb can handle over 4 billion objects. In practice, a 32 bit machine will only have enough memory to cache 10-15 million objects. It will still work with larger databases, but will probably need to access the disks for every request, which will make things a lot slower.

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