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Re: slurpd replication problems between slave and master

--On Monday, October 30, 2006 5:42 PM +0300 Dmitriy Kirhlarov <dkirhlarov@oilspace.com> wrote:

On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 11:36:46AM +0300, Roman Yushin wrote:
Roman Yushin ÐÐÑÐÑ:

> Hello. I am going to setup slurpd replication between two servers.
> When i am doing changes at master, it replies to slave.(all ok!)
> But when i am doing changes to slave, it don't replies to master!

openldap does not support master-master replication in any form. Don't use slurpd -- it's depricated. Use syncrepl. Afaik, it's implemented in openldap 2.4.

Just to be clear, High Availability Master is what is implemented in 2.4 (syncrepl is already implemented).


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