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Re: ldap replication half functional

--On Sunday, October 29, 2006 2:09 AM -0300 Sergio Shevtsov <sergioshev@yahoo.com.ar> wrote:

Hello again.
I'm using  Debian Serge 3.1 (testing) with Ldap that come by default.
You suggest the use of syncrepl intstead of slurpd is better.
But i steel dont understand why slurpd fails. I just create another
Why syncrepl y better instead of slurpd?
Thanks for your time.

Please keep replies to the list.

syncrepl is better because it understands doing replication from multiple backends very easily, while with slurpd, you can do it, but it is more difficult. slurpd is being deprecated and will eventually be removed from OpenLDAP as syncrepl is a superior replication mechanism.


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