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Re: error with slapcat

--On Saturday, October 28, 2006 1:01 PM -0700 Craig White <craigwhite@azapple.com> wrote:

 - red hat based system (RHEL 4.x - CentOS 4.x)
 - data by default is located /var/lib/ldap
 - data by default is bdb

su -
cd /var/lib/ldap
/sbin/service ldap stop
/sbin/service/ldap start

Then you should be able to slapcat

None of that answers why the problem occurred, which is what he is asking. And quite frankly, I've no idea, except maybe the hard drive is starting to fail. I've been using back-bdb with BDB since OpenLDAP 2.1, and never seen the issue he has.


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