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Re: Fix for ITS4664 not included in 2.3.28, why?

> Hi,
> is there any particular (technical) reason why the fix for ITS4664
> (dynlist memleak) has not been included in 2.3.28? I was just wondering
> how big/serious that leak is, since I'm in the process of upgrading our
> servers from 2.3.27 to 2.328 and I might as well include the dynlist.c
> from HEAD.
> Although they've been running on 2.3.27 with dynlist since its release and
> we haven't experienced any memory shortages yet.

The fix to ITS#4664 has not been included essentially because dynlist is a
minor component of OpenLDAP, and the leak was not that serious. 
Furthermore, there was no real push about that.

If your message came in before the release of 2.3.28, maybe the fix would
have made it into the release.


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