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Re: Avoid binding with external directory for cached results

Daniel Montero Motilla wrote:
Hi, I'm using slapd 2.3.27 as a metadirectory with two external active
directory servers and pcache overlay enabled. The pcache overlay is
working ok, but when I do a non-anonymous search and slapd gets the
results from local cache, it establishes a new connection to the
external directory, tries to bind and then closes the connection.
Altough I understand that this is the logical behaviour, I'm looking
for some way to avoid this binding against the external directory if
the results of the search are going to be obtained from slapd cache,
in order to increase performance (in my scenario validating
credentials for cached results is not a priority).
It is not possible.
If that is not possible, i'd like to know if there is a way to make
slapd stablish a permanent connection to the external directory with
the purpose of doing those credentials validations (instead
establishing a new tcp connection on every search).
No. Binds are always performed on a freshly created connection, there's little to do with it.

The only possible solution I see in your case is modifying slapo-pcache so that it also caches binds (with all the security concerns this may imply); in that case, an attempt to lookup the bindDN locally should take place before contacting the remote server and, in case of success, identity assertion should be used if the subsequent search is not cached; if the bindDN is not cached, after a successful simple bind, the overlay should save a "glue" entry with the bindDN and the password (possibly encrypted).


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