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Re: userPKCS12 and storage format

After further diving around in the code, I've got another question.
I have a LDAPMod pointer array that made up similarly to descript a structure that looks like this:
modsarray {
      bvalues->(base64 encoded binary data)
When I make the call to ldap_modify_ext_s, the vaules in the array stay intact though the first call, then the call to ldap_modify_ext, and right up to the ber_printf in modify.c; however, once ber_prinf is called in the ldap library, the modsarray[i]->type field gets corrupted with garbage data, but the values stay the same, resuting in a error 17 since the random binary data is obviously not a valid type.  I'm running 2.3.27.  Is it something with trying to mix binary attributes or what?


On 10/14/06, Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it> wrote:
Wyatt Neal wrote:
> when i store a userPKCS12 binary file into the ldap directory using
> base64 encoding using the C LDAP API, the next time I try to retrieve
> the data, it is returned in base64 format; however, if insert the
> certificate using an ldif file from the command line and request the
> file using C, it comes back in binary format.  i'm using the binary
> values as my LDAPMod ops, what am I doing wrong?
Nothing.  The server sends the value in binary format; the library
receives it in binary form; assuming you use ldapsearch to "retrieve the
data", ldapsearch presents it in base64 because it's the only printable
form it knows for non-printable values.  Read ldapsearch(1) and
specifically about -t/-T for saving binary-valued attributes, or write
your own code.


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