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hdb and subtree deletion

After having seen Howard Chu's slides about back-hdb from March 21, 2003,
I have the impression that deleting a subtree can be done in O(constant)
time. I haven't however understood how.

Question: How does one delete a subtree in a hdb directory?

I have tried deleting the top node, but the server doesn't let me do that.

On a slightly related note. I think many users would like the "OpenLDAP
Software Administrator's Guide" to contain sections about the different
modules (both backends and overlays) like it does about proxy-cache. I
think it would be a great help even if they were ever so short. This is of
course not said to critisize the guide as it stands today but rather as a
suggestion for a contribution to anyone who feel they have the
prerequisite knowledge.

Johan Jönemo