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Re: hdb and subtree deletion

johan.jonemo@hep.lu.se wrote:
After having seen Howard Chu's slides about back-hdb from March 21, 2003,
I have the impression that deleting a subtree can be done in O(constant)
time. I haven't however understood how.

Question: How does one delete a subtree in a hdb directory?

I have tried deleting the top node, but the server doesn't let me do that.

No. The primary motivation for back-hdb was to support subtree rename and more efficient DN2ID indexing.

While it would be possible to remove access to an entire subtree in constant time by just deleting its top node, that would leave all of the children nodes still hanging around orphaned in the database. Needless to say, that's not a good idea.

On a slightly related note. I think many users would like the "OpenLDAP
Software Administrator's Guide" to contain sections about the different
modules (both backends and overlays) like it does about proxy-cache. I
think it would be a great help even if they were ever so short. This is of
course not said to critisize the guide as it stands today but rather as a
suggestion for a contribution to anyone who feel they have the
prerequisite knowledge.

There's a lot of info in the FAQ-o-Matic already; probably some of it should be merged into the Guide. You might start out by browsing the FAQ and pointing out content that you think is worthy of merging.

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