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Re: Push based syncrepl replication...

Well, you don't want to use syncrepl with 2.2. Trust me, I've been there. Make sure to start with an upgrade to 2.3.27 before even testing any of this.

"Pull-based" replication is refreshOnly; the slave decides when to connect
and pull some data.

"Push-based" replication is refreshAndPersist; the slave connects to the master at startup, then the master pushes changes as they happen.

Either one of them involving the slave connecting to the master one or more times; it sounds like you might need a firewall change.

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Adam Doligalski wrote:

Hello everyone,

I have 3 OpenLDAP 2.2 based servers which I want to setup in replication
modes. Master server is located behind firewall, so I need to use push
based replication. Unfortunately slurp based replication is not good
solution for me, because I need to replicate some designated attributes,
not all database.

According to the manual, which says that "syncrepl provides a stateful
replication which supports both the pull-based and the push-based
synchronizations (...)" - syncrepl in push mode would be the best
solution. The bad thing is that I can not find anywhere any
configuration clauses which would allow me such configuration.

Could anyone help me?