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Re: authentification only with cn=toto type

What commands are you trying? Can you include the command lines you are using, the input you are using, and the errors that are output?

In terms of directly adding entries such as "cn=toto" or "cn=pfe" or "cn=richton" to an OpenLDAP directory, merely specify a null suffix (i.e. specify 'suffix ""' in slapd.conf), and make sure you are using a recent version (i.e. 2.3.27) as there have been bugs reported (long since fixed) in using an empty suffix.

On Wed, 13 Sep 2006, Pierre FERT wrote:

   I must make a migration of propriary LDAP server with openldap 
  My problem is on authentification.
   The applications which use it connect in simple authentification but
without context!!!!
   Ex: cn=toto with his password is all
    I tried to connect me by creating a script to bind in backend Shell
but connection is not even accepted and script is not called whereas it
is it by specifying the context.
   I tested the rules of rwm, but it is similar these rules are not
called upon either
have an idea? what is I did not test?
    Thank you very much for your assistance