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Re: DNS configuration

Hai Zaar wrote:
I have server named bigbox.example.com
bigbox hosts LDAP and Kerberos KDC for domain .example.com
So there are three 'A' DNS entries that point to the same IP (in that order):
A bigbox.example.com
A directory.example.com
A kerberos.example.com

When possible you want to have only one "IN A" record for each IP address, and use "IN CNAME" for all other host names that point to that IP.

This may not solve your problem, but it will make it much easier to troubleshoot.

bigbox.example.com.       IN A
directory.example.com.    IN CNAME bigbox.example.com.
kerberos.example.com.     IN CNAME bigbox.example.com.   IN PTR bigbox.example.com.

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