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DNS configuration

Dear list!

I have a DNS related question.

I have server named bigbox.example.com
bigbox hosts LDAP and Kerberos KDC for domain .example.com
So there are three 'A' DNS entries that point to the same IP (in that order):
   A    bigbox.example.com
   A    directory.example.com
   A    kerberos.example.com

So when I do ldapsearch, it
* looks for A record of directory.example.com
* get
* sends PTR query for
* gets 'PTR bigbox.example.com PTR directory.example.com PTR
* And then asks KDC for ticket for ldap/bigbox.example.com, instead of

So, what is want is that ldapsearch (and friends) should always refer
ldap server as directory.example.com and not bigbox.example.com
Am I missing something in my DNS configuration or is it just
ldapsearch specific behavior?

-- Zaar