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Re: Setting limits on an ou, only

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
Sure, I can use that to set a limit for a user but this application needs
to bind anonymously (or the equivalent of anonymous, since the
credentials would have to be public).

I couldn't find anything in the limits directive that would let me
specify a part of the directory to set the limit on. Something like:
When searching the directory, return only 1 result.
Unless searching ou=people, then return all results.
There's no such possibility, since it makes little sense. The only solution I see, since limits are per-database, consists in putting that subtree into a separate database, and glue it together to the rest using the "subordinate" directive. As an alternative, I suggest you use the limits as defined in slapd.conf(5); in that case, your application needs to bind. If your concern is about security, then don't give other privileges to that identity except the possibility to overcome the default limits.


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