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Re: hdb -- moving olc* objects -- expected behavior?

> On Sat, Aug 26, 2006 at 05:04:13PM +0200, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> >if the behavior is expected, is there any way to detect
>> >from the schema returned by the ldapserver that the attribute/object
>> >has a different behavior?
>> The reason is quite simple, although subtle: olcModuleLoad has X-ORDERED
>> 'VALUES' schema extension, an OpenLDAP reserved extension that is used
>> for internal purposes.
> is it possible to detect this by looking at the schema returned
> by the ldap server? or do I have to add something like 'for openldap,
> avoid those attributes'... ?

Look for "X-ORDERED 'VALUES'" in the attributeType definition in the

>> The real point is that olc* stuff shouldn't be used for any purpose
>> other than built-in configuration via back-config.
> What if someone wants to build a directory listing all the configurations
> of its own thousand servers, or its own thousands 'standard setups'?

... don't use ordered values in the RDN.

>> I note that attributes with X-ORDERED 'VALUES' extension should not
>> be allowed in RDN; another option would be to remove the ordering
>> portion when checking for DN /entry consistency, but I'd regard
>> this as a flawed entry naming design rather than a feature.
> I'll change the code, but IMHO it looks already quite flawed to
> have attributes that look exactly like other attributes, but
> behave differently in such a subtle way...

I've added (to HEAD) a check that disallows X-ORDERED 'VALUES' attributes
as naming attributes.  This will prevent their erroneous use, and avoid
further issues.


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