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Re: Dynamic schema update

Eran Leiserowitz <eran.leiserowitz@xeround.com> writes:

> Hi,
> First of all, thanks for the fast reply!
> Could you please elaborate on these issues:
> 1. What is the 'back-config' ? I didn't find it under the slapd
> directory (in the source code), where the other back-ends are.


> 2. Regarding what I meant by 'update', let me refine the question, is it
> possible to: add, delete or rename an object-class or an attribute,
> assuming that for some operations, there should be no data (i.e., in
> Oracle, you can delete a field only if the table is empty).
> 3. Since it appears that the slapd.d man page is missing, could you
> kindly explain, if in the 2.3 series, the "cn=config" tree _always_
> exists, or you should explicitly create it. And assuming that it exists,
> does changing it, automatically takes effect in the server (or you
> should do something additional).

man slapd(8), parameters -f -F

You should declare a database config in slapd.conf, something like
database        config
rootdn          cn=config
rootpw          xxxxx

rootdn cn=config is hardcoded, it can't be altered.


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung