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Re: how do I delete an alias?

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
Dave Augustus <davea@support.kcm.org> writes:

I have tried this in the past but it actually deletes not only the
alias, but the object the alias points to.

Read on 'Manage DSA IT control', i.e. man ldapdelete(1).
That should not be necessary. The spec says that aliases are only to be dereferenced during Search operations. If you're getting this behavior, either the server is broken or your client is trying to be too clever and is doing a search of its own before issuing the delete request. In any case, a single Delete request should only delete a single object; deleting both the alias and the object it points to would always require two separate Delete requests. In this case, I suspect a too-clever client.

Nowhere in the original posting is there any mention of OpenLDAP software revisions. Since OpenLDAP servers and clients do not exhibit this erroneous behavior, it seems this discussion belongs elsewhere.

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