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Re: how do I delete an alias?

At 07:06 AM 8/10/2006, Dave Augustus wrote:
>I have tried this in the past but it actually deletes not only the
>alias, but the object the alias points to.

If you can demonstrate that slapd(8), in response to a single
delete request, removed multiple objects, you should report a bug
(using the issue tracking system).  To demonstrate, just use a
sequence of ldapsearch(1) (to show present objects), ldapdelete(1)
(to send a single delete request), ldapsearch(1) (to show
multiple objects previously present have been remove).

I note also, if you can demonstrate that the a request to
delete an alias (by specification of the alias name) results
in the deletion of the aliased object, you should also report
a bug.

You should ignore the ManageDIT control comment.  ManageDIT
control (also known as the Relax control) use is unnecessary
in removing of alias object.