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Re: Problem with LDAP server on SLES9

Jakob Breivik Grimstveit wrote:
Suddenly my small SLES9 OpenLDAP server stopped responding, and
restarting does not help. Even telnet localhost 389 on the server fails.
In addition to the other suggestions, you may wish to consider the SuSE rpms at this location:


but be warned that they are not officially blessed by SuSE/Novell.

The i386 SLES 9 rpms for OpenLDAP 2.3.24, dated June 23, 2006 are available here:


Personally, I compiled OpenLDAP 2.3.24 from source on a SLES 9 SP3 i386 last month and
it's working very well ... once I figured out (most) of the configuration :-)

Good luck