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Re: Problem with LDAP server on SLES9

On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 03:19:30PM +0200, Jakob Breivik Grimstveit wrote:
> slapcat hangs when I try running it while the LDAP server is not
> running, has to be breaked to stop. strace of that is here:
> <http://www.starshipping.com/~jakobbg/slapcat.txt>. Slapd.conf:
> <http://www.starshipping.com/~jakobbg/slapd.conf.txt>
> Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

You should probably run a DB recovery tool on the database directory. Something

db_recover -v -h /path/to/database/environment

Pay attention to the version of the db_recover tool: it has to match the one
openldap is using.